Individual Consultation

I work with individuals who are motivated to change their experience in life. Whether you are in a relationship or not, whether your partner is motivated to change or not, individual therapy can have significant and lasting benefits for you in relationships with others. If an individual within a relationship makes significant changes for themselves, it is virtually impossible for their shifts in behavior not to have some sort of impact and potential influence towards the other for changes to occur.

Individual sessions are confidential and conducted on line in the privacy and the comfort of your own home or office.  One hour sessions are scheduled during convenient times that work with your busy life, including weekends.

What I will expect from you

If you choose to work with me and make a significant shift in your life, then you must realize that the approach I use will not be a quick fix or offer clever techniques of how to smooth over or whitewash important issues. It will require you to make a personal commitment to yourself to do the work, allow your truths to emerge, connect with your inner strength, and rediscover a new self-confidence as you redefine who you are.

Appointments are scheduled in advance by calling 509-879-4778. Following that call, you will receive an invoice from my new parent company, Couples and Business, LLC.  Your payment submitted through the paypal account will secure your appointment.

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Contact my office if you have any questions or for an appointment.