Here are some comments from happy couples who have benefited from improving their relationship skills.

"Working with Mike was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to our relationship.  When we came to see Mike we were, honestly, on the brink of divorce.  Both of us unsatisfied, frustrated and angry.  Mike helped us turn our whole marriage upside down - in a good way! He helped us look within to connect with the 'better part of ourselves' -allowing us to confront and forgive ourselves and each other, be true, real, 'show up' and really live.  Through Mike we have found a connection we never knew was possible.  We now share a level of intimacy, tenderness, commitment and passion we didn't even know existed.  Even now, more than a year after our meetings with Mike have ended, we discuss the work we did and continue to use what he taught us to grow our relationship in ways we never even knew we could.  It has been a wonderful transformation."

"We were about to go our seperate ways.  Now we are doing so much better.  The difference is remarkable.  We are both feeling a new sense of optomism about our ability to communicate and understand each other in a whole new way.  It feels like having a new set of eyes with which to view ourselves and each other.  I can't thank you enough.  I wish all couples who were struggling could be so lucky to work with you."

"Through our experience of Michael and his work, we now actively see one another where once we were blind...We were two individuals cohabitating in a world of smoke and mirrors, not able to see or be seen through the veil of our own fear.  Michael provided us the space to unfold and the tools to grow. The skills we have learned continue to develop and strengthen our relationship while simultaneously expand into other areas of our life jointly and seperately.  With his guidance we have come to know greater intimacy through love, compassion, and mutual respect.  We now cocreate the life we once dreamed about sharing.