A Unique Approach

It is important to realize that difficulties in your marriage are not necessarily evidence of inadequacies or incompatibilities, but rather a normal process of growth in your relationship.

People often select a marriage counselor with hopes that this professional will be smart enough and strong enough to challenge their partner to change some of their unacceptable behaviors and therefore put a stop to the endless suffering.

Focus On The Deeper Solution

Rather then focus on who's to blame for all the pain and suffering, I redirect couples to where they have power to change their relationships; from within themselves. My work focuses more on helping each partner to find courage to confront the challenging problems that have resulted in their negative view of their partners, their marriage, and of themselves. The deeper investigation of the issues that are personal to ourselves is where we discover our strengths and our weaknesses and then make the choice about what we are willing to do about them on our own behalf.


I am interactive with couples while in session. I don’t believe that being just a listener will accomplish much more than wasting time for couples that want to move beyond hashing out their own point of view. I encourage and direct change by using a practical approach, asking pointed questions, and challenging old views to expand your perception of marriage. I see couples essentially "grow up" in the therapy I offer. They begin to access more honest and direct methods to calmly express who they are.

My services are based on 36 years of clinical experience and includes many skills learned from prominent leaders in the field of marriage and family therapy. My approach is based on a health model with the premise that each individual is striving to do the best they can using the tools from their life experience. I help couples tap into their full potential as individuals using new skills. This in turn can reduce conflicts, power struggles, and betrayals that commonly occur in marriage.

What is expected from you and your partner

If you choose to work with me and make a significant shift in your life, then you must realize that the approach I use will not be a quick fix or offer clever techniques to smooth over or whitewash important issues. It will require you to make a personal commitment to yourself to do the work, to be honest with yourself, connect with your inner strength, and rediscover self-confidence as you redefine who you are in the context of your marriage.

Contact my office if you have any questions or for an appointment.